Who we are

Adventsites came to existence through an idea developed by pastor Guy Lacourse.  Pastor Lacourse wanted to use Internet in a better way within the Adventist community where not only local churches but members would have access to an Internet site to be used to reach the world for Christ.  Thus the name “Adventsites”.

Adventsites is a network.  It works in a similar way as “Wordpress.com” where people can get a blog site for free on the WordPress network.  Actually, Adventsites is a WordPress network!  Therefore, when getting a site here, you are becoming part of the network.

Viewed as a ministry, Adventistes serves the purpose of spreading the Gospel and telling the world – your world – about the soon return of our Lord Jesus.  When you get in this network, you will want to participate in this effort of reaching out for Christ.  Reaching out where?, in your own community of course!  Using your Internet site in the Adventsites network, you will want to touch the people you are in contact with.

Imagine this: having thousands of Seventh-day adventists reaching out to their own community of friends through this network.  What a powerful tool Adventsites would become!

But Adventsites also wants to offer you, the user, some spiritual food for your own walk with Christ.  So there will be courses, trainings, some live events and many resources and links to resources that you will be able to tap into.

Adventsites is not there to replace what can be found out there.  But it wants to be a place where adventists can come to feed themselves and find what they need to share with their community of friends.  It is also a place to hang out and share with one another about what Christ is doing through you.

Adventsites wants to be a powerful evangelistic tool for Enlightening the world for Christ.

May you be blessed in using Adventsites.